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Re: ISPs, Induhviduals, and stress

> Hi,
> Just wondering if anybody out there has some horror stories/ 
> interesting methods of dealing with stress/aggression when dealing 
> with "where's the any key" type customers over the phone (or even if 
> they're walk ins, that could be funny :) 

Duke-Nukem 3D..  need I say more.

> I had a truly awful day at 
> work today (one guy phoned 17 times in 90 minutes after spending the 
> first 2 hours of the day in the office) and spent a lot of the time 
> hoping that I'm not the only person on the planet that has to endure 
> that kind of stuff (between bouts of winging mouse pads around in the 
> back office ;-) Please re-assure me on this one, guys :)

Depending on your market there is prolly about 1000 of them that either
just got computers or are leaving WOW, AOL or some other luser based
network...  EVERY MONTH..  You have to either help them out and smile, or
send them to your competition..  they may be dumb, but there money spends
just like everyone else. 

I used to think it sucked to walk people through windows-95 setups, or
getting yelled at b/c netscape says "No new mail on server"... ("you said
we get email with our account!!!")  But when I think about it, I used to
get $5/hr to get yelled at by customers and do mundane stuff like this..
now I'm making MUCH more and building a customer base that likes our
service because we go the extra mile, hold their hand and pretend to
smile, while we grit our teeth.   Remember it HAS to sink in sometime..
when it does they will have you to thank..  un-less they switch to EROLS,
then you have every right to shoot at will :)  (Its a law).


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