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Re: ISPs, Induhviduals, and stress

Jeff Buck wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, Mark DeWar wrote:
> > Had a lady buy a mouse from us. Got a call that the mouse don't work. Okay
> > bring it back and I'll exchange it. When she brought it back it had a little
> > plastic cap covering the ball and she never took it off !
> >
> When I was a lab assistant at the local community college, I had someone
> come and tell me that the mouse on their computer was broken.. I followed
> him back to his workstation to check it out, and sure enough, he moved the
> mouse one way, and the pointer went the other way... I promptly picked up
> his hand, spun the mouse 180 degrees, and put his hand back down ;).. He
> noted that the buttons were working better then too..

I had a customer who called about a bad mouse. After 4 calls, 
3 trips to the store and 2 hours of my time I found out that 
he was lifting the mouse off of the table when I asked him to 
go up.

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