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Re: ISPs, Induhviduals, and stress

> Also, if you ever read newsgroups, visit alt.sysadmin.recovery. Ads a bit
> of humor to dealing with the despressingly clueless most of the day. 
> My interest in newsgroups has reached new heights since pagesat changed
> satelittes for their newsfeed and didnt email their customers or post
> anything on their webpages. (I would have known if I followed their 
> newsgroup)

Wow, I found this out a YEAR ago...  did you have the older slow system?
the thing that tipped me off, was when they sent me a form to upgrade..
it said "our satelitte is dying a slow death..  get the new xtal, or die
with it" :)

Then when the HS stuff was released it had provisions in there to switch
to the new bird...  along with plenty of info, bitching and moaning in the

PageSat rules..  they save you tons of BW, and deliver a product that
works out of the box...  I miss my pagesat feed, maybe one day I'll set it
up again.

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