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Re: ISPs, Induhviduals, and stress

We recently had a new user come in to our office to get online. I 
knew we were in for trouble when I asked her what OS her computer 
uses. After getting a blank look I asked if it was "Windows Win95 or 
Mac". It was like I was speaking in greek....I had to call the 
computer store where the unit was being repaired to find out it was 
Win 3.1. She then haunted us for three weeks until we had her bring 
the machine in for us to look at. 
 We'd sent her away with ou three disk package that includes MSIE, 
Eudora, Telnet, Ping etc....and a manual. The computer store had 
installed Netscape (unlicensed and ready to expire) and Trumpet 
Winsock. The dealer had kept the disks and manuals. It was no small 
wonder that we had trooubles supporting her. This dealer is also 
famous for refusing to carry "brand names" like USR or Cardinal 
modems because he doesn't think anyone will pay the $. He sells 
aftermarket gems that aren't worth the cardboard the box comes in.
(You know Jose brand modems from Jose's modem and Tequila factory)

Rob (jewitt@eagle.ca)

> > Just wondering if anybody out there has some horror stories/ 

" Mediocrity killed the cat" 


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