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humor: aug 14 -- Sabbath Stuff

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WHAT'S IN A NAME?? (part two)

Harry <Whattadeal@aol.com> sends out jokes
and stuff with a Jewish theme (both ethnic
and religious).  Here is the second part of
a list of changed names ....

Bernard Schwartz   		Tony Curtis
Bobby Zimmerman          	Bob Dylan
Elliot Goldstein             	Elliot Gould

Issue Danielovitch Demsky	Kirk Douglas
Joseph Gottleib			Joey Bishop
Natasha Gurdin			Natalie Wood

Lyova Geisman			Lee Grant
Sephanie Federkrewcz   		Stephanie Powers
Melvin Kaminsky  		Mel Brooks

Gerald Silberman 		Gene Wilder
Karen Blanche Ziegler   	Karen Black
Belle Silverman 		Beverly Sills

Michael Orowitz             	Michael Landon
Allen Stewart Konigsberg	Woody Allen
Jacob Cohen			Rodney Dangerfield

Joan Molinsky			Joan Rivers
Melvyn Hesselberg		Melvyn Douglas
Joyce Penelope Frankenburg	Jane Seymour
Joseph Levitch 			Jerry Lewis

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	You know you're getting old when
	all your favorite music is in the
	bargain bins at Kmart and Wal-Mart.


If aliens are smart enough to travel through space,
why do they keep abducting the dumbest people on Earth?
	For example, one of my neighbors
	has an exercise treadmill ...
	and a riding lawn mower.


How is it one careless match can start
a forest fire, but you can't start a
camp fire with a whole BOOK of matches?


Thomas Ellsworth reminds us that
The word "queueing" is the only English
word with five consecutive vowels.

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