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humor: sep 20 -- Waiters and Books

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Tim S. Nelson shared a symmetrical pair of gags
with the "Profusions of Puns Gaggles of Groaners"
group [  <Groaners@mail.otherwhen.com>  ]

A man walks into a French restaurant and asks the waiter,
  "Do you serve snails here?"
  "Ah, but of course!" replies the waiter.
  "OK", says the man, "I'll have the steak, and my
   little friend here will have the garden salad."

A man walks into a restaurant with his pet alligator under his arm.
  "Do you serve tax collectors?", he asks the barman.
  "Of course", says the waiter.
  "Well," replies the man, "I'll have a steak, and
   my alligator will have a tax collector. "

...... and Nick adds the classic ....
An man walks into a restaurant and angrily demands,
 "Do you serve crabs here?"
 "Certainly," replies the waiter. "We'll serve anyone.
  please be seated and I'll get you a menu."

.... which reminds me of the maladjusted sign

Thanks to Harry B Reeder --- Moufid Jibreen
 --- Stan Kegel --- Claudia Papalia --- David Youngs

Round The Mountain by Sheila B. Cummin

Lunacy Unmasked, by L. Oona Taek

The Dynamics of Mob Rule, by Ana R. Kist

The ABC's of Collective Ownership, by Sasha L. Lyte.

My Crows Oft Drool, by William H. Gates.

Outrageous Political Scandals, by Watt R. Gate.

Liberal Arts for Dummies, by Phil O. Sophi.

Over The Cliff....by Eileen Toofarr

Over the Cliff Again.....by Hugo Furst

"My Aching Back" -- Eileen Dover

"Easy Campfire Cuisine" -- Marsha Mellows

"Positive Thinking" -- Ken DeWitt

"Attracting Your Ideal Mate" -- Mary Persons

"Singing in the Shower" -- Ima L. Wett

"Lost at Sea" -- Nolan Anne Juarez

To become one with your computer
is to reach a state of... nerdvana."

And to be within a 20 foot radius of
the co-host of 'Wheel of fortune' is to
reach a state of NearVanna.

"Timothy S. Nelson" writes....

To err is human; to purr, feline.
To err is human; two curs, canine.
To err is human; to do nothing, benign.
To err is human; to quit, resign.
To err is human; to howl about it, lupine.
To err is human; to solve it, design.
To err is human; to admit it, asinine.
To err is human; to moo bovine.

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