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humor: aug 19 -- Wow -- it really works!!

                              Nick's G-Rated Humor List

Actually, there are two things.
There is a magic trick on this website ...
... that is similar to one I
    shared with you a while back  ....

And there is this other thing -- right here --
that only takes about 30 seconds. Don't cheat!

I'm always skeptical of those emails that have "subject lines" like this one
and I usually just delete them. I've been sent just about every variation of
those games where you count this and count that, pick a name, etc. and then
at the end whatever answer you were thinking of is already predicted for you.

Despite all of my previous misgivings, I did try this, and I want to tell
you that IT REALLY DOES WORK! I was amazed.

So, you gotta try this!!

This really WORKS!!!

Think of a letter between "A" and "W."
Repeat it out loud as you scroll down the page.

Keep going!

Think of an animal that begins with that letter.
Repeat it out loud as you continue to scroll down.

Don't cheat!
	You must say the name out loud.
			I'm serious about this!

Think of a man's name that begins with
the last letter in that animal's name.

Don't forget to say it
out loud as you scroll down.

Now count out the letters in the man's name on the fingers of the hand you
are not using to scroll down. (If this sounds confusing, stop right here and
take a minute to read the instructions carefully. You must do this correctly!)

Take the hand you counted with,
	smack yourself in the head,
		and get back towork,
			and stop playing
				with stupid e-mail!

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