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humor: The Old Ball Game

Baseball Quotes Hall of Fame
      By Bill Marsano
		Excerpted from
		"Kiwi In Flight Magazine", Oct/Nov 94 issue

"The Mets have shown me ways to lose I never even knew existed."
 -- Casey Stengel, 1962

"The last time I saw anything like this I was playing for Tastee
Freeze in the Little League."
 -- Houston Astros pitcher Dave Smigh, after his team fell behind
    the Cincinnati Reds by 14 runs -- in the first inning.

"When Charlie Finley had his heart operation it took eight hours.
Seven just to find his heart."
 -- Oakland A's pitcher Steve McCatty, 1981

"He'd go into the vault to get a nickel change."
 -- St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Enos "Country" Slaughter,
     on general manager Branch Rickey, 1934

"A shave, please, but don't cut my throat. I may want to do
it later myself."
 -- Casey Stengel to his barber, when Stengel managed the Brooklyn
    Dodgers in 1935

"Look at him. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't chew
and he doesn't stay out late -- and he still can't hit."
 -- Casey Stengel as Yankees manager in 1956, on second baseman
    Bobby Richardson

"I knew I was in for a long year when we lined up for the national
anthem on opening day and one of my players said, 'Every time I hear
that song I have a bad game.'"
 -- Pittsburgh Pirates manager Jim Leyland, 1986