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[humorix] Girl Scouts to Sell Linux

Girl Scouts to Sell Linux
September 30, 1998

The Girl Scouts announced today that they will start to
sell Linux CD-ROMs in addition to the traditional cookies. 
A spokesman for the organization said, "Cookie sales are
slumping and the cookie manufacturers are constantly
nagging us for a larger share of the profits. Demand for
Linux, on the other hand, is increasing.  Plus, we can
acquire Linux CDs for almost nothing.  Fund raising will
never be the same again."

Starting next month, Girl Scouts will begin door-to-door
sales, asking residents, "Would you like an operating
system that doesn't crash?  It's only $5, or $30 if you buy
a book to go with it."  With the increasing dissatisfaction
with Windows and the increasing awareness of Linux and open
source software, the Girl Scouts expect sales to be

Other organizations are eyeing Linux as a possible
fundraising venture.  One PBS station in California is
giving away complementary Linux CDs to all viewers who send
in donations.  Donations to the station have tripled over
the last month, prompting the station manager to announce,
"Finally!  We can now afford to show decent programming for
a change!  Thank you, Linus Torvalds."

In a related story, one breakfast cereal maker is offering
free Linux CDs in selected boxes.  A spokesman said, "A few
months ago we inked a deal with Microsoft to provide free
Internet Explorer 4.0 CDs in our boxes.  In short, consumer
reaction to the IE offer was horrible. Sales actually
dropped.  We've cancelled that promotion and are now
offering free Linux CDs in selected boxes (i.e. the ones
that are more expensive).  Initial reaction has been very
strong.  In the future we may offer a new cereal under the
'Tux the Penguin' brand."