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[humorix] Stallman's Latest Proclamation

Stallman's Latest Proclamation
from the microsoft-visicalc-lotus-excel dept.
September 21, 1998

Richard M. Stallman doesn't want you to say "Windows"
anymore.  He is now advocating that people call this OS by
its real name: Microsoft-Xerox-Apple-Windows.  This
proclamation comes on the heels of his controversial stand
that Linux should be called GNU/Linux.  RMS explained in a
Usenet posting,  "Calling Microsoft's OS 'Windows' is a
grave inaccuracy.  Xerox and Apple both contributed
significant ideas and innovations to this OS.  Why should
Microsoft get all the credit?"

RMS also hinted that people shouldn't refer to Microsoft's
web browser as IE. "It should really be called
Microsoft-Spyglass-Mosaic-Internet-Explorer. Again, how
much credit does Microsoft really deserve for this product?
Much of the base code was licensed from Spyglass." 

Many industry pundits are less than thrilled about RMS'
proclamation.  The editor of Windows Magazine exclaimed,
"What?!?!  Yeah, we'll rename our magazine
Microsoft-Xerox-Apple-Windows Magazine.  That just rolls
off the tongue!" A Ziff-Davis columnist noted, "Think of
all the wasted space this would cause.  If we spelled out
everything like this, we'd have headlines like, 'Microsoft
Releases Service Pack 5 for Microsoft-Xerox-Apple-Windows
New Technology 4.0'  Clearly this is unacceptable."


James S. Baughn


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