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[humorix] Tux Penguin Beanie Baby

Tux Penguin Beanie Baby Sales Skyrocket
August 11, 1998

Two weeks ago Ty released a 'Tux the Penguin' Beanie Baby. 
Sales of the stuffed toy have exceeded expectations.  All
100,000 of them have been sold, and it will be another week
before more can be produced and distributed.  Tux is now
the one of the most valuable Beanie Babies, with some
stores selling remaining ones for over $500.

Tux's strong sales constrast sharply with Ty's other
computer-related Beanie Baby, 'Billy the Billionaire'. 
"Billy's sales are dismal.  Except for the 2,000 that Bill
Gates bought for himself and his daughter Jennifer, Billy
has been a failure.  People just aren't responsive to toys
that represent greedy, capitalistic billionaires with bad
haircuts," a member of the Church of Beanie Baby
Collecting said.

Ty is considering releasing other Beanie Babies similar to
Tux.  Some possibities include 'Steve the Apple Worm' and
'Wilbur the Gimp'. "Computer-related Beanie Babies are
selling extremely well," a Ty spokesman said.  "I don't
understand why people are obsessed with these stupid
stuffed toys.  But as long as they're making me lots of
money, I don't care!  Oops... Please don't quote me on


James S. Baughn

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