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[humorix] Nerdzilla Browser Project

Nerdzilla Browser Project
August 8, 1998

A group of hackers plans to create a 'Nerdzilla' browser
using the Mozilla source code.  "We plan to have an alpha
release next month," a Nerdzilla programmer said.
"Nerdzilla is a browser for nerds.  If you read Slashdot or
Humorix on a regular basis, Nerdzilla is for you."

Features planned for Nerdzilla include:

Slashdot Bar(tm): Nerdzilla will have a Slashdot Bar, which
will have one-click access to the latest headlines, in
addition to a Slashdot and Everything search box.  Users
can customize this to include headlines and searches from
other sites, including Freshmeat and Humorix.

FUDMeter(tm): Nerdzilla will use sophisticated AI
technology to detect FUD, spin, and hype.  If detected, the
Nerdzilla throbber will change to an animation of Bill
Gates being hit by a cream pie (this can be customized).  

ThrobberMatic(tm): The Nerdzilla throbber will be
customizable so it reflects the current situation.  For
instance, if you load a  microsoft.com page, the throbber
will change to the Bill-Gates-of-Borg picture. If you load
a KDE or GNOME page, the throbber will change to a
animation of two people throwing flames at eachother.  If a
page contains an ActiveX applet, the throbber changes to an
animation of a nuclear mushroom cloud, along with the
caption "RadioActiveX".

Ad-Be-Gone(tm): JavaScript pop-ups, scrolling message
bars, and other annoying advertising vehicles can be
turned off.  This has been the most requested and
anticipated feature of Nerdzilla.

WhoNeedsYahoo?(tm): Nerdzilla will automatically add and
categorize all links referenced on Slashdot, Freshmeat, and
other sites to the bookmarks file.


James S. Baughn

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