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Karl Malone and Michael Jordan died and went to heaven.  St. Peter was
waiting for them at the Pearly Gates.  "Come on in boys, there's
someone waiting for you."  God appeared and took Michael aside first. 
"Michael, because you were such a great basketball player and a good
Samaritan we would like to present you with this house to live in." 
God then pointed to a run down old shack with a Chicago Bulls banner
over the front door. 
 Michael was stunned.  He worked so hard all of his life and this was
reward?  He looked off into the distance and up on a beautiful hill
there was a glorious mansion.  Beautiful fountains, flowers, and a
Utah Jazz banner over the front door.  In fact, the window's were
stained glass with "GO JAZZ", and the streets name was KARL MALONE
AVENUE.  Michael was disgusted.   "You mean after all my
championships, all my MVP's, you give me this run down piece of crap
and Karl gets that?"  God started to laugh, "Michael, Michael,
Michael, that's not Karl's house, that's mine!!!!" GO JAZZ!!!!!