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Re: ISPs, Induhviduals, and stress

On 23 Nov 96 at 23:38, Jason Costomiris wrote:

> Wow, your users are even more advanced than many of ours!  Without
> fail, every time I ask, "How much memory does your computer have?",
> invariably, they tell me, "I have 1.blah blah gigabytes of memory." 

A couple of years ago, I was attempting to help my nephew get a game 
(Wolfenstein, I think) running on his father's PC. Not enough memory. 
He went out and told his father. Know-it-all brother-in-law came and 
wanted to know why it needed more memory, there was 200 megs free on 
C: It was difficult to explain to him the difference between hard 
drive and RAM without making him look like a dork in front of his 
son. I didn't succeed. He still doesn't talk to me much. ;-)

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