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Re: [humorix] Evolution Of A Linux User

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Matthew W. Roberts wrote:

> O.K.  I give up.  What does PHB mean?

		[answer given in other email]

I think we can agree that James is, without doubt, the
best humour writer on this list, but maybe we'll want a
new, unwritten, rule that every email to this list contains
a Linux/Open Source joke, funny story or fact.
(Darn, I can't believe I just wrote the unwritten rule!)


Microsoft has recently been asked if they wanted to join
an open source industry group. This was done because,
with their hotmail.com site, Microsoft is one of the
biggest FreeBSD users on the face of the planet.  (true!)


The Internet is not a network of computers. It is a network
of people. That is its real strength.

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