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humor: dec 02 -- A gaggle of geese (collective nouns)

                              Nick's G-Rated Humor List
"a succor of grandmas"
"a patience of tech support callers"
"a whatever of teenagers
"a digression on web-searchers"
"a spider of webmasters"

a cheat of lawyers
a brief of lawyers
a slime of lawyers
a greed of lawyers
a codicil of lawyers
a tragedy of lawyers
a mercenary of lawyers
an objection of lawyers

a conspiracy of traffic lights
a collage of Post-it notes
a wad of gum-chewers
a dictionary of linguaphiles
a plurality of group nouns
a suite of chocolates
a passion of poets
an imelda of shoes
a segregation of racists
an intimidation of gargoyles
a herd of hearing aids
a silence of lambs

a sum of accountants
a counting of accountants
a number of accountants
a matrix of mathematicians
a circle of geometricians

an obfuscation of user manuals
a 404 of former websites
a blather of chat-room participants
a byte of programmers
an array of programmers
a clique of computer mice
a dump of spammers
a wildcard of hackers
a hindrance of tech-support people
a host of nameservers
a duke of URLs

an enterprise of trekkies
a beam of trekkies
a cylinder of CDs
a       of nihilists

a muddle of deans
a brace of orthopedists/orthodontists
a mass of priests
a grab-bag of purse-snatchers
a catch of jugglers
a portfolio of stock brokers
a stack of newspapermen
an obfuscation of politicians
a dissemblage of politicians
a drove of taxi cabs
a clutch of mechanics
a purchase of senators
a crop of plant scientists

a giggle of girls
an interference of mothers-in-law
a balm of grandmothers
a row of knitters

Some other collective nouns that employ spoonerism, pun, blend, and
other linguistic devices:

>From L. Rivlin (<l.rivlin@btinternet.com>):
"A few years ago, John Major invited some ex-prime ministers for a
get-together at 10 Downing Street. I think it was Harold MacMillan, Harold
Wilson, James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher (I'm only absolutely sure
about MacMillan and Thatcher). While they were there, Thatcher speculated
about the proper word denoting a group of prime ministers. MacMillan
suggested that the correct term would be: a lack of principals."

     Stan Kegel <kegel@fea.net>

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