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Re: [humorix] What Did Santa Claus Bring You?

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, James Baughn wrote:

> What Did Santa Claus Bring You?
> December 28, 1999

Well, here's the part the editors cut out:

BERO^H^H^H^HNOT-SO-ANONYMOUS COWARD: Throughout the year, I've been told
417 times, by 394 different people, to get a life - so I hoped someone
would give me a life for Christmas... But once again, it didn't
happen... Not even a response to my usual counterquestion ("where can I
download that? Will it run on Linux?"). 
I didn't even get that Humorixia Citizenship kit I wanted.
Well, guess that's enough ranting about Santa not bringing what I
expected. Time to mention my good plans for the next year.
I will stop working on Linux 24 hours a day.
I will stop working on Linux 24 hours a day.
I will stop wor...
Darn, the mailer just crashed, might be a problem in glibc...
[root@localhost /root]# vi /usr/src/CVS/glibc/sys/linux/i386.h


Nobody will ever need more than 640 kB RAM.
		-- Bill Gates, 1983
Windows 98 requires 16 MB RAM.
		-- Bill Gates, 1999
Nobody will ever need Windows 98.
		-- logical conclusion

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