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humor: oct 14 -- You Know You're From ....

                              Nick's G-Rated Humor List

		Bob Di Giorgio sent this to me today.
		Hey Bob, are you kidding?!!
		What may have been the first known actual
		Y2K hit was reported today by ABC News.
		In Maine, people who mailed in registrations
		for their brand new 2000-model cars received
		Horseless Carriage plates intended for antique
		automobiles. :-)

You Know You Live In The
North West (USA) If You ...

* Believe swimming is not a sport but a survival skill to prevent
  boating deaths.

* Believe swimming should only be done indoors, except in emergencies

* Wave at people who drive Ford explorer sport utility vehicles like
  yours. Basically, you just drive down the road waving.

* Can point in the direction of two or more volcanoes even though you
  can't see them through the clouds.

* Think downtown is "scary" because you were panhandled there once

* Go to work and return home in the dark in the winter, even though
  you only have an eight-hour work day.

* Find that when the weather gets above 60 degrees, you replace your
  hiking boots with Birkenstock or Teva sandals.

* Believe people who use umbrellas are wimps, Californians, or both.

* You are sitting at a downtown red light. The light turns green and
  the car in front of you does not move. You do not honk. After two
  more light changes, you approach the driver to ask if they need
  any assistance.

* You look in your closet to get dressed and you are stumped on
  whether to put on your fleece vest, fleece pants, or just go for
  the fleece jacket. Then you're stuck when you decide for the
  jacket and are confused on which of your six colors you should


* You realize that your favorite dessert is wooder ice.
  (It comes in churry, strawburry, and other assorted flavors.)

* You find yourself using "Yo" and "Youse guys" when talking
  long distance to family members.

* You know how to spell Schuylkill.

* You think $2,500 for insurance on a '79 Toyota is a bargain.

* You find yourself at a nice restaurant thinking, "This would only
  be three bucks at a truckstop."

* You can sleep soundly through gunshots in the neighborhood.

* You visit New York and notice how clean it is.

* You believe that the car on your side, flashing its turn signal,
  wants you to close the gap with the car in front.

* You can't eat fries without Cheeze Whiz.

* You find street people greet you by first name.

* You don't think Wawa sounds funny.

* You snub a cheesesteak that isn't on an Amoroso roll.

* Your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles all live on the
  same block.

* You love scrapple for breakfast.

* You took a vacation at the shore (and liked it).

* You know where to find the Rocky statue.

* Only tourists go to Geno and Pat's for an authentic cheesesteak.

* You buy soft pretzels at a traffic light.



* If you define Summer as three months of bad sledding.

* If your definition of a small town is one that doesn't have a lake.
* If snow tires come standard on all your cars.

* If at least 50% of your relatives work for the auto industry.

* If you have ever gotten frostbitten and sunburned in the same week.

* If you can identify an Ohio accent.

* If owning a Japanese car was a hanging offense in your home town.

* If you learned to pilot a boat before the training wheels were off
  your bike.

* If you think Alkaline batteries were named after a Tiger outfielder.

* If you point at the palm of your right hand when telling people
  where you grew up.

* If you don't understand what the big deal about Chicago is.

* If someone aks you if you've been to Europe and you answer,
  "No, but I've been to Ann Arbor".

* If "Down South" to you means Toledo.

* If octopus and hockey go together as naturally
  as hot dogs and baseball.

* If traveling coast to coast means going from Port Huron to

* If you think "going up north" would be a great vacation...
  in January.

* If the "Big Three" can mean either Ford, Chrysler and GM or
  Domino's, Little Ceasar's and Hungry Howie's.

* If a Big Mac is something you can drive across.

* If you have no problem spelling Mackinac Island.

* If you had to get a passport to go to Ohio.

* If you have as many Canadian coins in your pockets as American ones.

* If your kid's baseball and softball games have ever been snowed out.

* If the trees in your backyard have spigots.

* If you know that a place called "Kalamazoo" really exists.

* If you bake with "soda" and drink "pop".

* If you drive 70 mph on the highway and pass on the right.

* If your favorite hockey team's mascot is an octopus.

* If you have a favorite hockey team.

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