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>Subject:  Fw: Fw: take a stand
>I have not seen this ad, however it was the subject of a talk radio show
>that was on the air last night.  Of course mostly gay people were calling
>in to express their support.  Many more companys are starting to put out
>similar ads.  A friend of mine sent me this e-mail today.  I was excited
>to take a stand.  Fact is, I called from all three lines in my home and
>then also on my cell phone.  It takes only a few seconds per call and you
>don't have to say anything.  This is not a hoax.  Please pick up your
>phone right now and make the call.
>Betty Ann
>Here is a 10 second way to take a Christian Stand:
>Dear Saints, We received a post from a conservative Christian news
>organization concerning a new ad being aired by Anhueser Busch showing
>two men portraying a homosexual couple drinking beer. Following the ad, a
>number is shown where they ask those who are supportive of that kind of
>advertising to call and voice their approval.  No number was posted for
>those who oppose the ad, so Rev. Falwell asked that those who oppose that
>kind of ad to call their regular customer relations number. This is the
>current update to the situation:
>DATE:   APRIL 30, 1999
>ANHEUSER BUSCH UPDATE: Since my communique yesterday, the Anheuser Busch
>Company has now instituted a toll-free number for people to call if  they
>disapprove of a new Bud Light commercial featuring two homosexual men.
>The new toll-free number to call is: 1-888-227-8783.  One of my staff
>members called Anheuser Busch yesterday and told them that thousands of
>calls would be coming from concerned Americans and it appears the company
>quickly saw that they need an automated number to receive the volume of
>calls that have already come in.
>I just called the number before writing this special update and it took
>me 5 seconds to listen to a recording that told me I had just registered
>a vote against Anheuser Busch about homosexual images coming into our
>homes through reckless advertising campaigns.  Call today and have your
>friends  and family call as well!  Pastors, this Sunday please encourage
>your congregations to call. It is important that we all take action since
>the gay-rights community is actively calling the pro-gay ad number.  The
>number to disapprove is 1-888-227-8783. Dan Kerr has called personally
>and this is not a hoax, it is for real! We can make a difference. Speak
>out saints and hold not your peace about right and wrong in this country
>any longer.
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