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I'm sure you heard about the "gas-out" on April 30.
 Word spread so fast on e-mail that the whole nation
 knows about it and the media picked up on it.
 However, gas companies weren't scared because
 they wouldn't lose sales, since everybody was buying
 gas on April 29 and May 1.

 So, a Las Vegas radio station has come up with a
 better idea to take things one step further.  The radio
 station has suggested to boycott a particular
 company, and refuse to buy from them until prices get
 back down to normal.  The radio station picked
 Chevron, so in order to make this work, you need to
 stop buying from Chevron until their prices become
 normal again.  Maybe a severe loss of business will
 force them to take action in order to drop prices and
 regain business, which will force changes by the rest
 of the companies across the board to remain

 Sick of paying close to $2 a gallon?  This can work,
 but you have to do two things:

 1.  Do not shop at Chevron
 2.  Send this on to everybody you know

 The reason Chevron was picked because they were
 one of two companies who started this whole thing.
 Chevron raised its prices because it shut down one of
 its refineries and said that they couldn't keep up with
 the demand.