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[humorix] Humorix's new mailing list

Good news!  No more advertisements!

Rik van Riel over at nl.linux.org has offered to host the Humorix
mailing list. While transferring over to a different system is a pain,
there won't be any advertisements like on egroups.com.  I think that's a
Good Thing(tm).

Hopefully everybody has been automatically subscribed to the new list. 
If you haven't received a confirmation message from
majordomo@nl.linux.org, then you've probably slipped through the
cracks.  You can subscribe to the new list by sending a message to
majordomo@nl.linux.org with a line in the body saying "subscribe
humorix" followed by your email address.

>From now on, send your messages to the new list address,
humorix@nl.linux.org instead of the old ad-ridden humorix@egroups.com
address.  The old mailing list will be deleted soon, and this will be
the last message from humorix@egroups.com you will receive.

Archives are available at:

If you have any trouble or questions as a result of this sudden (sorry
about that) changeover, feel free to contact me.


James S. Baughn

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