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clinton in heaven??????

    President Clinton died and met St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. St.Peter asked, "Can you 
explain the bad things you did on earth?"

     Clinton thought a bit and answered, "Well, I smoked marijuana but you shouldn't hold that 
against me because I didn't inhale.  I had extra-marital affairs, but I didn't really have 'sexual 
relations'.  And I lied, but I didn't commit perjury."

     St. Peter replied, "OK, here's the deal.  We'll send you to a placethat is very hot, but we 
won't call it 'Hell'. You'll be there for an indefinite period of time, but we won't call it 'eternity'.  
And you shouldn't necessarily 'abandon all hope' upon entering, but don't hold your breath 
waiting for it to freeze over."
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