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Joke: Funny Signs

     - Submitted by Joke-Of-The-Day.com Members
This is part of our very popular original series
on true funny signs seen around the world.
Have you seen something funny?

Send it to us at:   SIGNS@joke-of-the-day.com

              And Here they are:

At a restaurant in New York:
"Tip-ing is not a city in China."
   -zal g

Here is a great sign I saw in the grocery store:
"snickers, 5 for 1.00$.(limit 4)"
   -Kim Gregory

On a dock in Juneau, Alaska:
"Safety ladder, climb at own risk." 
   -R. Olson

Seen on an electrical appliance store in Spokane, WA 
"Go modern! Go gas! Go BOOM!"

Emergency Evacuation Plan posted in various 
places around my office building:
"Run like Hell!"
   -Dan Kroyman

Biggs Septic Tank Service (near Nashville Tennessee) 
"Call Monday thru Friday, sorry, we haul milk on weekends."

Sporting goods store: 
"With Fishing season upon us we have plenty of 
crappie poles to fill your needs."
   -Becky Hammack

Sign on the wall of the office of 
an ethnologist:
"Beware of bargains in 
1. Parachutes 
2. Life preservers 
3. Brain surgery 
4. Eye Care "

A bumper sticker in Portugal reads:
"Learn from your parents' mistakes: 
Use birth control."
   -Franciso Passos

Billboard sign on a highway coming out of Austin, TX: 
"Nobody reads billboards.... But you just did :)"
   -Annie A. Wahid