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FW: Too Stupid for My Modem #3 -Forwarded

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Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 12:43 PM
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Subject: Fw: Too Stupid for My Modem #3 -Forwarded

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From: Christina Lopez <clopez@mkgold.com>
To: Ron Vanderstappen <ronjvan@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 12:37 PM
Subject: Too Stupid for My Modem #3 -Forwarded

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>>From: Charles Basso <cbasso@mkgold.com>
>>Subject: Too Stupid for My Modem #3 -Forwarded
>>>I  was working as a PC support person for a large computer reseller.
>>>I worked in the Sales Department assisting with network issues,
>>>setting up new users, moving people, etc.
>>>They asked me to do an emergency move for one long-time rep. I moved
>>>her computer equipment, hooked everything up and got her into the
>>>network. I tested the modem and the fax machine to make sure
>>>everything was working just fine. I informed her that she was ready
>>>to go and went back to other things.
>>>About an hour later, she tracked me down and informed me that her
>>>modem and fax (both external to the PC) were not working. Confused,
>>>since I had tested them out, I followed her back to her cube -- and,
>>>sure enough, no power to either the fax or the modem.
>>>Crawling under her desk, I noticed that she had moved the power
>>>strip (that these two items were plugged into) from one end of the
>>>cube to the other, so she could plug her fan into it. Upon further
>>>investigation, it seemed this bright lady (natural blonde, or so I'm
>>>told) had plugged her power strip into itself!
>>>I told her if she ever got this "self-generating power strip" to
>>>work, let me know and we'd patent it!