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[humorix] Bogus Windows NT CD-ROMs Recalled

Bogus Windows NT CD-ROMs Recalled
InfoPlanet, July 31, 1998

REDMOND, WA -- Microsoft has issued a recall of over
500,000 Windows NT 4.0 CD-ROMs shipped three weeks ago. 
"The CDs were altered by a disgruntled Microsoft employee. 
Right before the CDs were burned, the employee replaced
Windows NT with Linux," a spokesman said, adding under his
breath, "...that annoying OS made by that Finnish guy who
doesn't understand Capitalism."

Apparently the 'disgruntled' employee hacked Linux to fool
most users into thinking they were actually using Windows
NT.  The install program was made to look identical to
NT's, including code to make it crash a couple times.  The
system was designed to automatically boot into X Windows
running a modified fvwm95 window manager.  

One Microsoft tech support worker said, "Two days ago I
received this weird call from a manager who had just
installed Windows NT on his computer.  He said, 'I think
something is wrong here with my computer.  I've had it
running for over a week, and it hasn't crashed once. 
Aren't computers supposed to crash regularly?'  I knew
something was fishy -- NT can't possibly be that stable. 
Upon further inspection, it was obvious that this wasn't
the real thing."

The 'disgruntled' employee was given the pink slip
yesterday.  Rumor has it he was offered a job at Red Hat. 
If you have one of the hacked CDs, you can receive a
replacement by calling (900) PAY-BILL.


James S. Baughn

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