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Joke: Why Fly?

DALLAS, July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Here's Southwest Airlines' Top Ten reasons
you should fly rather than drive the next time you travel:

10) Visiting the World's Largest Artichoke and the Jackelope Museum really
isn't all that interesting.

9) It really sucks when a Big Gulp hits your bladder with 50 miles to the
next rest stop.

8) The bugs that hit your windshield driving through Kansas are big enough
to wear a Walkman.

7) By the time you get to college age, trying to get a trucker to blow his
horn has lost its appeal.

6) Cars don't come with a pocket in front of your seat for holding barf

5) You don't get a speeding ticket in an airplane for going 500 m.p.h.

4) You don't have to ask for the key to the restroom.

3) You can't walk up and down the aisle in a Honda.

2) You could arrive at your destination before you reach the 100th bottle of
beer on the wall.

1) Someone ELSE does the driving!