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Joke: Telephone poles

US West communications put an ad in the paper for telephone pole installers,
and was deluged by applicants.

US West divided the applicants up by county -- Salt lake, Davis and Utah.
They then appointed a foreman from each group, and told them to go out and
install as many telephone poles as they could by 5:00, and report back.

At the appointed time, the groups reported back ...

The evaluator asked the foreman from Salt Lake County how many telephone
poles they had installed.

"Fifty six," replied the Salt Lake County foreman.

He asked the Davis County foreman the same question.

"Fifty nine" was the reply.

Then he asked the Utah county foreman (a BYU graduate).

"Three," replied the foreman.

"Three!" exclaimed the evaluator. "Look at how many the other two teams

The Utah County foreman responded, "Yeah, but did you see how far they left
them sticking out of the ground?"