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Joke: Uses for a Thermos

	Two red heads go into a hardware store.  They were just looking around 
when one of them shrieks with delight "What's that"? she asked?  The clerk 
in the hardware store says "well, it's a thermos".  "What does it do?" she 
asked.  The clerk says " well, it keeps cold things cold and hot things 
hot".  "WOW" she says " I gotta have one of those".  So she buys it and 
takes it to work the next day.

	Seeing this new thing on her desk her boss asks her "wow--what's that?" 
"It's a thermos" the girl exclaimed, excited.  "What does it do?' her boss
asked.  " Well, it keeps cold things cold and hot things hot".  "WOW---I 
have one of these things" she says.  So, off to the hardware store she 

	The next day she comes in with this thermos--a blue one.  "Look what I 
have" she says. Someone in the office says "gee what does it do?"    "Why 
it keeps cold thngs cold and hot things hot".  "wow--what you got in 

"Hot coffe and a pop-sicle".