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Joke: Exercise

Exercise By: Jim Moore Jr <jimjr@QIS.NET>

* I woke up the other morning with a real desire to exercise --
  So I stayed in bed till the desire went away.

* I don't believe in jogging or working out at a gym.
  When I die, I want it to be from some illness.

* I may not jog or workout --
  but I'm a very brisk eater.

* Mrs JimJr has come up with a brand new exercise --
  she shops faster.

* Somebody told me to try walking backwards for increased exercise.
  I put on eight pounds.

* I walk everywhere for my health --
  but I never find it.

* I even get exercise from magazines.  I bend over to pick
  up all those subscription cards that keep falling out.

* My cardiologist says I have the body of a 35 year old.
  He even told me where the guy was buried.