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Joke: The Farmer in Hell

A farmer from Utah dies, but, unfortunately, there are a few more debits
than credits on St. Peter's ledger and the farmer goes to Hell.

Two weeks later, the Devil is making his usual rounds and discovers that the
farmer isn't that uncomfortable in his surroundings.  He asks the man, "What
makes you so happy to be here?"

The farmer replies, "This is just like when I used to plow the fields in

The Devil decides, "I'll fix this farmer."  He goes back to the thermostat
room, finds the temperature at 104 degrees and the humidity at 78%, and
cranks it up to 122 degrees and 88%.

When he checks on the farmer again, he's standing there very contented.
"This is just like pulling weeds in July," the farmer says.

Back goes the Devil to the thermostat, and he runs it up as high as it can
go -- 140 degrees and 98% humidity.

Still, when he sees the farmer, he's just sitting there happy as a clam.
"This is just like working in the silo with my friends in August."

That's when the Devil sees the light.  He goes back and rams the temperature
control all the way to the left, knocking the temperature  to 13 degrees
below zero and turning everyone's sweat to frost.

The Devil throws a heavy coat on and goes to check on the farmer. He finds
that the farmer is now dancing around and yelling,  "ALRIGHT!!! The Jazz
finally won the NBA championship!"