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Darwin Contender

 Subject: Darwin Contender

 A Jacksonville, Florida woman recently had to summon emergency help
after dragging her husband down the street behind their pickup truck.
Chief Petty Officer Roman Styles, U.S. Coast Guard Station
Jacksonville, was treated and released with a slight concussion and
scrapes and bruises.

 It seems that Styles decided to repair damaged shingles on his house
himself, instead of paying a contractor to do it for him.  Prior to
climbing up on his steep roof, Pettu Officer Styles tied a safety rope
to the trailer hitch of his truck.  Once on the peak of his roof he
secured the other end of the line around his waist.  He then slid over
the top of the roof to repair the shingles.

 As luck would have it, right after he started to work, his teenage
 son called for a ride home from a Boy Scout trip.  Jane Styles 
yelled to her husband she'd be right back and pulled away.

 "I didn't see the rope," Mrs. Styles said, "until I saw it in the
rearview mirror.  By then I was halfway down the street."

 Bill Schlimm, a next door neighbor, said, "I'll never forget the look
on Roman's face as he came sailing over the peak of that house.  If 
it hadn't been for that tall cedar tree he would have been really