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You Know You Are A Nerd When ...

You read RFC's for fun.

Its impossible for you to sit through watching The Net without bad-mouthing
its technicalities to everyone in the room.

DES encrypted loopback filesystems turn you on.

Your computer case is off so long that you loose it.

When taking a walk, you sometimes mistake some of natures sounds for a hard
drive spinning up.

You have mastered the sound of the power-on clicks your monitor makes with
your tongue.

When taking notes in class, you sometimes catch yourself using C syntax.

You have on more than one occasion, changed a JMP to a NOP on your favorite
copy-protected program.

You have spent more than 6 hours trying to find the perfect quote to go along
with your .signature.

You memorized the powers of two all the way to 1048576.

You prefer to write your class papers in VI.

You have at least once tried explaining to your parents how to send you
PGP encrypted email.

You randomly 'kill -9' processes to rid yourself of aggresion.

You get excited if someone trys to hack into you.

You maintain that if you listen close enough to your computer, you can tell
what its processing.

You get a kick out of telneting to your friends computer and playing some
wav files from www.farts.com when he least expects it. (Okay, maybe this isn't
a sign... ;-) 

And the #1 sign that you're a UNIX nerd: The light-show at the latest
Aerosmith concert reminds you of your VI syntax highlighting color scheme. 

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