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MacMade Digest 2-6

Greeting on this very wet Friday evening,

Be sure to visit <http://www.apple.com> as the page has been redone with
the new snail G3 commercial look! Also if you missed the commercial the
last 2 nights (NBC aired it twice last night also). You can view it at

It's not every day that the world's richest man gets a pie
in the face.  And we would be remiss if we let the Belgian
pie incident go by without a top ten list in its honor.  So
herewith, the top ten likely Microsoft responses to Gates'
pie in the face:

10. Microsoft announces that Robert Lessig's fingerprints
    were found on the pie plate.

9.  Company plans 1999 release of "Visual Pie++ for Windows."

8.  Microsoft waffles on release of Belgian version of
    Windows 98.

7.  Hostess fruit pies removed from Microsoft campus vending
    machines (three days later, a hoard of pies is found in
    Nathan Myhrvold's office).

6.  Bill Gates has pie-proof "Popemobile" built for future
    public appearances.

5.  From now on, all new Microsoft CD-ROMs will be square,
    because Gates "freaks out" when he sees flat circles.

4.  New Microsoft game released: X-Wing vs. Pie Fighter.

3.  Microsoft buys Mrs. Smiths Frozen Pie Company--and shuts
    it down.

2.  MS programmers no longer allowed to use value of pi when
    programming vector-drawing algorithms.

1.  After a lengthy investigation, Microsoft reluctantly
    admits that the pie incident was staged by Wagner-Edstrom to
    divert public attention from the DOJ hearings.

A poll at FamilyPC: Which do you feel is the better computer for
families Apple Macintosh or a Microsoft Windows-based PC?

Macintosh       17007 (87%)
Windows 1820 (9%)
Love 'em both.  514 (3%)
Neither 185 (1%)
Current Results at:
Vote at:


This announcement is from:

Mike Wottle, <wottle@mathcs.rhodes.edu>

QuickScore is a cross country (or road race) scoring program designed
by a runner to offer an easy-to-use solution for college and high school
coaches.  QuickScore allows coaches to score a meet and have printed
results within minutes of the race's completion.

Using a simple graphical guide to lead coaches through the steps
involved in running a meet,  the program was designed from the ground up
to best suite the needs of cross country coaches.  From entering the
teams and their runners before the race to printing the final results,
QuickScore makes it easy; just follow the steps in the Guide window.

Dave Wottle, Olympic gold medalist and former track coach, has helped
in the design of this program and endorses it as the best program for
scoring meets he has seen.  There is a free demo available at
<http://www.mathcs.rhodes.edu/~wottle/quickscore/>, or by mail if

Features of QuickScore 1.0:
  * intuitive interface
  * works with bar code readers for extra quick results
  * quick and easy finisher entry
  * high quality, printed results in minutes
  * also produces HTML results
  * Team Summaries which allow coaches to analyze team performances
  * Mac-only product
  * Free demo available at

For more information about this program, please contact:
  Mike Wottle <wottle@mathcs.rhodes.edu>
  2000 North Parkway
  Memphis, TN 38112
  (901)756-4565 (Home)
  (901)843-3189 (School)


This Tidbit is from:

Jamal Ainul, <ainuls@v-wave.com>

Here's an article worth showing to anyone even remotely
thinking of migrating to Windows!


Cheers, Jamal

Mike Edge

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