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>>  My son's a CTR ... I go to PEC.
>>  I work for CES....I study the TG.
>>  I read the B of M .... I probe the D&C.
>>  I search the KJV ... I ponder the JST.
>>  Today in BYC ... we planned for EFY.
>>  I stayed a little after ... and had a PPI.
>>  The YM and YW ... are putting on a play.
>>  It's one that I remember ...we did in MIA.
>>  Before our oldest son ...went in the MTC,
>>  He helped the BSA .... complete their SME.
>>  Soon our oldest daughter ... is heading for the Y.
>>  Soon our oldest clothing ... is going to DI.
>>  Now, if you've understood ... this alphabetic mess,
>>  The chances are quite good ... that you are LDS.