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joke lady

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Christine Chiang@GAPINC
10/23/97 04:43 PM

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From: cbavasi @ montgomery.com on 10/23/97 09:41 AM MST

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Subject:  good.

now i have something to do all day....
>Some more fun things to do in an elevator.
>>1. When there's only one other person, tap them on the shoulder, then
>>act like it wasn't you.
>>2. Pretend the floor button gives you a shock.  Smile, and go back for
>>3.  Ask if you can push the button for other people, but push the wrong
>>4.  Call a bondage 900 line from a cell phone.
>>5.  Hold the doors open and say your waiting for your friend, after
>>awhile let the doors close and say "Hi Greg. How's your day been?"
>>6. Bring rug and take a nap in the corner.
>>7.  Bounce a superball around the elevator.
>>8. Light a cigarette.
>>9. Drop a pen and when someone reaches to help pick it up, scream
>>10. Stand in the corner, reading a telephone book, laughing
>>11. Bring a camera and take a picture of everyone in the elevator.
>>12. Move your desk into the elevator and when ever someone gets on, ask
>>from behind your desk "Do you have an appointment?"
>>13. When the doors close, break out the duct tape and work furiously to
>>tape the doors toghether.  Ask for help too.
>>14. Laydown a Twister mat and ask people if they want to play.
>>15. Bring a hammer and nails and hang pictures of yourself on the walls.
>>Ask, "Isn't that a good picture of me?"
>>16.  Leave your 12 foot long python alone in the elevator.
>>17. Litter.
>>18. Leave a box in the corner and when someone gets on ask them if they
>>hear something ticking.
>>19. Act like a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and
>>exits with the passengers.
>>20. Clean your gun.
>>21.  Ask, "Did you feel that, I felt a rumble?"
>>22.  Dressed in coveralls, get in a full elevator and when the door
>>closes, push the stop button,  post an out of order sign inside and go
>>on the access panel, saying "This may take a minute."
>>23. Push the call button, when the voice answers ask, "Is that you God?"
>>24. Stand really close to someone and sniff them.
>>25. When the doors close, announce to the others,  "It's Okay, don't
>>panic, they open up again."
>>26. Push your floor button with your tongue.
>>27. Stand alone,  when the doors open, tell anyone trying to get on that
>>the car is full and that they should wait for the next one.
>>28. Swat at flies that don't exist.
>>29. Shoot rubber bands at everyone.
>>30. When the doors open,  pretend that you bounce off a force field when
>>you try to leave.
>>31. Ride Naked.
>>32. As people get on, ask for their tickets.
>>33. Push the top floor button, and announce that you tried to kill
>>yourself yesterday, but the other building wasn+t high enough.
>>34. If other people are talking, ask them to be quiet.
>>35. Inquire about the Bears/Yankees game.
>>36. Jump Rope.
>>37. Bring a shovel and try to dig a hole.
>>38.  Tell someone they've got a spot on their shirt, and when they look
>>down flick them in the nose.
>>39.  Tell someone that you can see their aura.
>>40.  Call out "Group hug."

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