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Humor: Two Microsoft jokes!

>>I saw this morning that Sun is suing MicroSoft for using Java
>>without their permission.
>>My immediate response was: "Bill would probably save money by buying
>>Sun MicroSystems rather than going to court and having to give them
>>lots of money.  I can just see people opening their front door in
>>the morning, picking up their newspaper from the step, seeing the
>>headline 'MicroSoft buys Sun', and looking up in the sky at the big
>>yellow sphere, thinking 'geez...I hope it doesn't crash'."

>>Redmond WA, (AP).
>>Microsoft (MSFT) has announced a 54 million dollar lawsuit against
>>Tomagotchi maker, Bandai.  Microsoft is claiming that the Tomagotchi
>>(the Japanese electronic pet that's all the rage with the kids) is an
>>infringment of its intellectual property.
>>Microsoft spokesperson, Erik Loregard stated "Software that needs
>>constant, even hourly attention, or else it dies? Sounds like Windows
>>to me.  This is clearly an infringment on our technology."
>>The Bandai company spokesman refused to comment on the suit.