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Linux user in hades.

A disgruntled Linux user commited suicide and went to hell.

When he got there he was amazed to find that there was this large
room with nothing but rows and rows of fancy tower computers, all
of them Octium processors running and 36,000 mHz, optical network,
and enough memory so that it had human reasoning power.  The 25
inch ultra fast LCD displays were wonderful, flicker free, steady,
colorful, and no eyestrain.  The connection to the internet was via
Fiber Optic cable, and had access to all the Network hubs nationwide.
Each station had this wonderful ergonomic chair, beer on tap, free
pizza delivery anytime, and unlimited net access all paid for.

"Gee, this is wonderful....I had no idea!"

"Well, said the devil, why don't you check it out, no one here at
the moment."

So the lost soul sat down at station #4532 and turned on the machine.
Immediately he was greeted with the Windows 2000 Logo....and a second
later the desktop came alive.  Not finding Netscape, he clicked on the
MSIE 2000 icon, and the computer flashed a brief splash screen, and
then the message: "General Protection Fault. Press <ctl><alt><del>,"
and then froze up.

"What is this, asked the lost soul?"

"Well, said the devil, that is the HELL of it!"

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