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I got this of the Associated Press web site.

> Egyptian Survives Morgue Freezer
> CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Apparently, the only thing that's certain is
> A man who was pronounced dead regained consciousness after 12 hours in
a morgue refrigerator and began shouting for help, a newspaper reported
today. And the paramedic who found him alive collapsed in shock and died.
> The cold of the refrigerator revived Abdel-Sattar Abdel-Salam Badawi,
the daily Al-Akhbar reported. He had been declared dead in a hospital in
Menoufia, 65 miles northwest of Cairo.
> ``I opened my eyes but couldn't see anything, I moved my hands and
pushed the coffin's lid to find myself among the dead,'' the newspaper
quoted Badawi as saying.
> Badawi shouted for help, the report said. Eventually, three hospital
aides who had come to remove Badawi's body found him alive.
> ``One of the employees ... fell dead,'' Badawi told Al-Akhbar.
> The newspaper did not identify the hospital or say when the incident
occurred. It said Badawi had been hospitalized with chronic liver