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HUMOR: was(Need some advice...)

I hope not everyone has seen this, but I got a kick out of it.  Some of the
recent posts needed it and figured it was about time...


  [X] Clueless Newbie         [ ] Luser (loser)     [ ] Nerd
  [ ] AOLer/Euronetter/PIer   [ ] Pervert           [ ]  Kook
  [ ] Me too er               [ ] Geek
  [ ] Spammer                 [ ] Elvis
  [ ] Fed                     [ ] Freak          
  [X] Other: Unbearably self-righteous person

  You Are Being Flamed Because:

  [ ] You posted a "test" in a newsgroup other than alt.test/nl.test
  [ ] You posted a binary in a non-binaries group
  [ ] You quoted an ENTIRE post in your reply
  [X] You continued a long, stupid thread
  [X] You started an off-topic thread
  [ ] You posted a "YOU ALL SUCK" message
  [ ] You said "me too" to something
  [ ] You don't know which group to post in
  [X] You suck
  [ ] You brag about things that never happened
  [X] Your sig/alias/server sucks
  [X] You posted something totally stupid
  [ ] You crossposted
  [ ] You posted a message all written in CAPS
  [ ] You posted racism shit
  [ ] I don't like your tone of voice
  [ ] I think you might be a fed
  [ ] I think you are a member of the Kook Cabal
  [X] I think you secretly work for cyberpromo

 To Repent, You Must:
  [ ] Give up your AOL/Euronet/Planet Internet account
  [ ] Get rid of your mail filter file and take what comes
  [ ] Jump into a bathtub while holding your monitor
  [X] Actually post something relevant
  [ ] Read the f****** FAQ
  [ ] Be Pat Buchanan's love slave
  [X] Be the guest of honor in alt.flame for a month
  [ ] Apologize to everybody in this newsgroup
  [ ] Post your tests to alt.test/nl.test

 In closing, I'd Like to Say:
  [ ] Bite me
  [ ] Get a life
  [ ] Never post again
  [X] I pity your dog
  [ ] Go to hell
  [X] I think your IQ must be 7
  [ ] Take your s*** somewhere else
  [ ] Learn to post or f*** off
  [ ] See how far your tongue will fit into the electric outlet
  [ ] All of the above

Have a nice day,