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Re: ISPs, Induhviduals, and stress

>> Just wondering if anybody out there has some horror stories/ 
>> interesting methods of dealing with stress/aggression when dealing 
>> with "where's the any key" type customers over the phone (or even if 
>> they're walk ins, that could be funny :) I had a truly awful day at 
>> work today (one guy phoned 17 times in 90 minutes after spending the 
>> first 2 hours of the day in the office) and spent a lot of the time 
>> hoping that I'm not the only person on the planet that has to endure 
>> that kind of stuff (between bouts of winging mouse pads around in the 
>> back office ;-) Please re-assure me on this one, guys :)
A guy brings in his unit. we work on it and send it back home with him.
Calls later and says that it won't come on. What the @#$%. Tell him to try
going straight to the wall jack. Still no power. Yes printer is on. Monitor
is on. Tell him to bring it in. Maybe a card has slipped out and shorting
out the unit. He brings it in. We put it on the bench and comes right on. We
call him back to the tech room. Show him. He goes home and calls back. NO
POWER !! What the $%@#. Tell him to come get a power cable. Still no power.
Tell him to bring it back in. He's standing there when I plug in the a.c.
cord and push the power button. He says wait! What was that I pushed ? The
power button I tell him. Oh he says he didn't know that was there. He was
plugged into one of those power centers and never knew the computer had a on
and off button !!!! 

Had a lady buy a mouse from us. Got a call that the mouse don't work. Okay
bring it back and I'll exchange it. When she brought it back it had a little
plastic cap covering the ball and she never took it off !

Had a lady we sold a computer with cdrom too. Called after a couple of
months to say the cdrom wasn't working anymore. I go out to check it. She
says none of the cd's work anymore. I open the cd up and they were putting
them in upside down !

Love the people that have never had modems before and call up and say that
they think their modems are bad. Why ? Because when I use it it makes all
this hissing and wierd noises. We have to explain that that's how the two
modems talk to each other. Had one guy who didn't believe me and went to
another store to confirm what I said !

Mark "6 beers for every one customer" DeWar

Taking One Day At A Time,
Valium By The Dozen.

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