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Humor of the day.

And now something to cheer you up.

We just had a customer calling us about setting up an account.  Here is 
the actual conversation:

Client: Do you provide the Internet access?
We:	Yes, we do.
Client:	The net is very slow these days.
We:	Well it depends on the connection that you have.
Client:	What kind of connection do you have?
We:	T1 to the backbone.
Client:	Only T1? I like your prices but I have the problem about that T1. 
	I would prefer T3.
We:	We gurantee that the connection is very fast.  What kind of modem 
	do you have?
Client:	I have 14.4 Zoltrix with voice. Very good modem.  Thank you, I 
	will think about it.

Can anybody match it?  I guess so.  Just one question:

			Why us? Why, oh why, oh why?


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