about:cache Lists all files in the disk cache.
about:global Lists all sites you've visited lately.
about:document Same as 'document info' in the 'view'-menu
about:image-cache Lists all image files in the cache.
about:memory-cache Lists all files in the memory cache.
about:justanytext Displays justanytext in the browser.
about:plugins Show all loaded Plugins
about:blank Goes to a blank page
about:license Licentie-information
about: About Netscape
about:deutsch Dutch Mozilla
about:francais French Mozilla
about:ari Ari Luotonen's homepage
about:atotic Aleks Totic's homepage
about:blythe Garrett Blythe's homepage
about:chouck Chris Houk's homepage
about:dmose Dan Mosedale's homepage
about:dp dp Suresh's homepage
about:ebina Eric Bina's homepage
about:hagan Hagan Heller's homepage
about:jeff Jeffrey M. Treuhaft's homepage
about:jg John Giannandrea's homepage
about:jsw Jeff Weinstein's homepage
about:jwz Jamie Zawinski's homepage
about:karlton Philip Karlton's homepage
about:kipp Kipp E.B. Hickman's homepage
about:marca Marc Andreessen's homepage
about:mlm Mike McCool's homepage
about:montulli Lou Montulli's homepage
about:mtoy Michael Toy's homepage
about:paquin Tom Paquin's homepage
about:robm Rob McCool's homepage
about:sharoni Sharon Limura's homepage
about:terry Terry Weissman's homepage
about:timm Tim McClarren's homepage
about:photo Groepsfoto
about:mozilla Netscape Mozilla mascot's homepage
view-source:URL opens source window of the URL.
(Ctrl)+(Alt)+f Takes you to the Amazing Fish Cam!
(Ctrl)+(Alt)+s (Win only) Toggles status bar on/off
(Ctrl)+(Alt)+t Displays a status report of active URLs