Jed is a fast, compact editor based on the slang screen library. Jed features include emulation of the Emacs, EDT, WordStar and Brief editors; support for extensive customization with slang macros, colors, keybindings, etc.; and a variety of programming modes with syntax highlighting.

To install any of these files put them in your jed library directory probably either /usr/lib/jed/lib/ or /usr/local/jed/lib/ PHP syntax highting mode. Put this file with other .sl files on your system.(B0.99.x) Comment a line functions for many language (Slang, Perl, C, PHP, SH) modes. The file above needs this file to be in the same directory This gzip contains two versions of, an e-mail editing mode for jed. Most of the formatting routines were later rewritten by Thomas Roessler. Framstag's version. Includes documentation! Lacks the pgp macros and the EDT support, but is otherwise identical to

.jedrc Eric's .jedrc file. To install this copy it to your home directory and make sure you have and above installed.
To activate the above phpmode add the following lines to your ~/.jedrc file or the one above.
Official Jed Homepage
charl's jed page Jed RPMS for Linux