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Macintosh Mouse

Available on Macintosh Mac Plus and earlier.

9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE (at the computer)
9 PIN D-SUB MALE (at the mouse cable)

9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE at the computer.
9 PIN D-SUB MALE at the mouse cable.

Pin Name Dir Description
1 CGND --- Chassis ground
2 +5V --> +5 VDC
3 CGND --- Chassis ground
4 X2 <-- Horizontal movement line (connected to VIA PB4 line)
5 X1 <-- Horizontal movement line (connected to SCC DCDA-line)
6 n/c - Not connected
7 SW- <-- Mouse button line (connected to VIA PB3)
8 Y2 <-- Vertical movement line (connected to VIA PB5 line)
9 Y1 <-- Vertical movement line (connected to SCC DCDB-line)

Note: Direction is Computer relative Mouse.

Contributor: Ben Harris

Apple Tech Info Library, Article ID: TECHINFO-0001424

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